Strategic Plan

The FCC Strategic Plan represents a summary of the initiatives in which the agency will invest – in terms of time, energy and money – in order to drive us toward our Vision.

Taken as a whole, the Strategic Plan may have more of an operational feel to it – this is intentional. Our ability to pursue impactful, resource-intense and often longer-term initiatives is a function of making sure we have our business foundation squared away. Some of our focus will be on activities which are generally shorter term, tend to be internally oriented and may effect more than one program, service or department.  Other initiatives will have us working on issues related to agency efforts of continuous improvement and updates to practices and results within a department or program. We believe the results of tending to these basics will put us in a better position to pursue, and compete for, the attention of counties, funders and individuals.

Our planned activity for Strategic Initiatives falls in the following categories:

Identifying and acting on programs which are candidates for specific intervention, including fixing, growing and sunsetting.

  • We have continually developed a list of programs which have various needs, and those programs represent an opportunity to do better work, grow their financial contribution or discontinue their requirement for resources which exceeds the value delivered. Difficult decisions representing structure, staffing and expenses will need to be made. Some of this work began in 2019 and will continue throughout 2020.  We aim to ramp up internal systems and procedures in order to make an earlier identification and intervention where the effort makes sense.

Recasting Development activities is needed to ramp up annual, private donations.

  • All aspects of our development efforts are important, but rebalancing our energies will continue to be a focus. We will take a fresh approach to building relationships and pursuing significant financial contributions in the form of legacy giving as well as direct gifts.  An effort to improve agency image and recognition through improved marketing efforts is anticipated to help in these areas.

Attracting, developing and retaining talent remain a priority.

  • As the agency’s primary asset we must continue to keep this front and center. A challenging labor market overall, along with an industry that is short on professional resources, suggests that success in this area is a precursor of our ability to deliver on our Vision.  We will bring attention to our ability to make inroads for professional referrals and interns. Ongoing efforts to develop incumbent leaders and identify emerging leaders is key to our future.

Collaboration will be required to deliver a holistic approach to care.

  • The agency does not operate in a vacuum, so synergistic relationships with area providers will offer benefits. Working together to better understand local needs, staying abreast of existing programs and services, and potentially developing integrated solutions will all have a profound effect on our future.

Self-advocacy is a critical aspect of our sustainability efforts.

  • From improving funding and reimbursement models to marketing our value in the human services ecosystem, we can be our own proponent.  We will continue our work in Wisconsin, but also make an effort to know the decision makers in Minnesota. We will improve the visibility of our Mission and “solution opportunities”, particularly at the local and state levels.

Please follow up with your supervisor if you would like to know more about any of our strategic initiatives, and how those initiatives work toward our future.