Information Technology

001: Electronic Health Records

002: Computer Lending

003: Security of Electronic Data 

004: New Employee Training: Technology, Confidentiality, and HIPAA Guidelines


Computer/Data Security

  1. Use a strong password, don’t share with others
  2. Don’t disable password-protected screensaver on workstations
  3. Only use computers for work related tasks
  4. Do not allow non-employees to use computer
  5. Access to data is limited depending on your job description
  6. Do not open suspicious emails; report to IT
  7. Do not open attachments that are “executable”; only open Office Files, Zip Files, or PDFs
  8. Do not install any software without prior approval, including screensavers
  9. Remember that emails sent internally and externally are NOT encrypted; when sending protected health information in any email, use a password protected zip file for your information
  10. Contact the IT helpdesk if you prefer to use a different email client than the web based email client used at FCC
  11. Backups

Physical Security

  1. Don’t position your monitor in a way that’s easy to be seen by others-contact IT helpdesk to request a privacy screen as needed
  2. Lock your computer screen when leaving the office or work space
  3. Lock your office door at end of day
  4. If transporting files on flash drive, they must be encrypted/password protected
  5. Report lost files immediately