PQI Cycle


On a quarterly basis, our agency focuses on a formal performance and quality improvement (PQI) cycle. See below for a display of the PQI Cycle. Whether your program monitors improvement towards specific, measurable goals, or uses client satisfaction surveys to learn what is working and what is not, both of these areas are a type of outcome measurement. The actual outcomes for each program are the key means by which we can answer a few important questions:

  1. Are we good at what we do?
  2. Are we having the intended impact for our clients and communities?
  3. Are we any better at it today than we were a year ago?

See below for the 2021 outcomes chart, which will show program-specific outcomes and targets, along with the 2021 average for each outcome.  In some cases a larger number is better and in other cases a decreasing number is the goal. To simply read this at a glance we are borrowing stop light coloring: green is good to go, yellow means we are close but not there yet, and red means we are falling short.

If you have any  questions at all about your program’s outcomes or the PQI cycle – including what you can do to influence your outcomes – please reach out to your Supervisor.

2021 Outcomes

PQI Cycle Chart

2022 PQI Timeline