COVID Vaccination Preparation 01/14/2021

As we have mentioned, we are continuing to work with local entities to arrange for vaccinations as soon as possible. As part of that effort we want to make sure that you are armed with some background information, as well as giving you a way to communicate your interest in receiving a vaccination.

First, an effort is already underway for employees at our Viroqua and Black River Falls locations to receive vaccinations and have compiled lists for those counties accordingly. For all others we ask that you follow the link below to complete an interest and information form that we can use to supply the needed data for our other locations. If you follow the link below it will take you to a form where you can document your interest – either way – in receiving the vaccine. YOU MUST RESPOND TO THIS REQUEST BY NOON TOMORROW – Friday, January 15 – OR YOU WILL BE ASSUMED NOT INTERESTED. If you are not able to complete the form for any reason please contact Rich Petro directly.

A second link is included below that is a Q&A from the Centers for Disease Control that can answer many of your questions about the vaccine. While we will not get to choose which vaccine is initially offered, being vaccinated is believed to be a powerful way to limit the spread of the coronavirus. It is also a highly personal choice and is not a job requirement. Please look over this Q&A and perhaps look over other sources of information about vaccines before you respond.

Again, please respond by tomorrow at noon so we can be prepared to move the process along.


Response Form (not necessary for those in Viroqua or BRF)

Covid-19 Vaccination Form


Vaccine Q&A