COVID Ca$h Out 09/02/2020

We all know face masks are currently required in La Crosse County, but the real question is when will they not be? Do you have a guess? Here’s a chance to have some fun during the pandemic and bet on it at the same time!

The person who guesses the closest date will receive half of the pool (i.e. contributions!) and the other half will go to the agency. Send $5.00, a date that you think La Crosse County will  discontinue the public face mask requirement and your name to Rich Petro by September 11th. You can drop it off at Rich’s office (5th floor at GVC) OR send it through interoffice mail. If you have more than one date in mind, that’s great…just remember to add $5.00 for each date that you guess.

On September 18th, a calendar of all the guesses will go live on the Depot under FCC Life > COVID Cash Out so everyone can see who guessed and the date they chose.

Ready, set, place your bets!