In-Kind Donations Available

FCC Donation Closet

All in-kind donations are now easily accessible in our new FCC Donation Closet on 2nd floor in GVC! All items are available to staff to meet the needs of your programs, clients and their families.  We encourage you to stop in regularly to see what’s available. Typical items often include: clothing, household items, toys, and baby equipment. Feel free to take what you need, no need to inform Development; we just ask that you help keep the closet as organized as possible.

Where is it? 

When coming off the elevator on 2nd floor at GVC head right down the hall, pass through the first fire door and then take a left down the tiled ramp. The donation closet is on the left just after the lockers.

How is it stocked?

Donations are made through out the year and will be added to the Closet as they come in. They are all first processed through the Development Office. If you have items to donate or you accept a donation on behalf of the agency that you want to add, you must first take it to the Development Office so it can be properly recorded for accounting purposes and to process a donor receipt.

Who can use the items?

Donations are strictly to be used for clients and program needs. Staff personal use is not allowed. This way we are honoring donor intent and adhering to the donor bill of rights.

Contact Information

The FCC Donation Closet is coordinated through the Development Office.